Why more men should be talking about sex (and sex toys)

why men should talk

Why more men should be talking about sex (and sex toys). Sex is definitely something that women like to talk about. But, when it comes to the guys, the idea of spilling their secrets or telling their funny stories in the bedroom. Well, that is not something that they are going to want to do.

Men may talk about a recent conquest that they have had, but when it comes to actually delving into the nitty gritty of a bit of nookie. Well that is when men will back away!

We really think this is a shame as not only are men just as sexually aware and sexually active as girls, talking about all things sex is something that could be just as beneficial for men as it is for women; and here is why!

It benefits your sexual health

Sexual health is one thing that we all need to be more aware of and if you can find something that benefits your sexual health, well then, we think that is a good thing. For both men and women talking about sex in an open fashion allows you to compare what is “normal” for you and what is “normal” for others. Without doing this you are never going to know whether or not that weird spot is something to worry about or whether it is something that all of us have.

It encourages you to explore and experiment

Whilst the style of sex that you are used to is definitely going to get you where you need to be, in order to grow and explore your own pleasure, you are going to need to explore and experiment. Not only does talking about sex encourage you to try out new ideas, but it also encourages you to try things such as sex toys. Sex toys are not reserved for those who are struggling to give their partners any pleasure, they are for couples to share and to discover more about how to make them orgasm.

It helps to understand more about your partner

Talking about that, no man would ever want to admit that they are not quite as good in the bedroom as they feel they should be. However, everyone could benefit from a few pointers in the right direction. Of course you can talk about sex to your friends, but the best person to broach the conversation with is your partner. You can ask them what they find pleasurable, you can find out more about what turns them on and then you can use this as a way to give them the most mind blowing orgasms possible.

Whether you are a man or a woman, being confident enough to talk about sex is something that more of us should be doing. Not only is it beneficial to us, but it can also give a huge boost to our partners and to those that we want to make sure have the best sex possible!

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