What You Didn’t Learn In Sex Education At School

all those things you didnt learn in school

Sex education is an important part of any secondary school education; but let’s face it, being able to pop a condom on a banana and watching a grainy video about “growing up” that has probably been around since your parents were at school. Well, neither of these things are going to get you very far in life.

Of course, sex education is changing and our teenagers do learn much more about relationships and more emotional aspects of becoming sexually active. There is still so much more to learn about sex.

So, with this in mind, we have put together our very own follow up sex education class, to teach you all those things that you didn’t learn at school, but that you should probably know now!

Arousal isn’t instant

Many of us will have had the experience of sleeping with someone who thinks that a quick nipple flick means that you are good to go. That is because it isn’t really taught just how long it takes to be aroused and ready for sex. For both men and women, it takes an average of 10 minutes to be fully ready to take the plunge, however, for some women it can take up to 20 minutes. Which means that you are going to need plenty of foreplay time.

Cuddles after are the best

At school we learn lots about the physical parts of having sex with someone, but not so much those emotional aspects. You should never underestimate just how good it feels to snuggle up in the arms of someone after you have had sex. In fact, after care is pretty much just as important as the foreplay. It shows that you are emotionally connected and also gives you a chance to enjoy each others post orgasm glow!

Sex is so much more than just reproduction

In the most part, during sex education, sex is presented as intercourse, as the bare bones of what happens between someone and their partner. Of course, intercourse is a vital part of the entire process, but sex is so much more than this. There is foreplay, there are erogenous zones, there is masturbation, there is so much more to explore that you might not even think about.

Fantasies are okay, in fact they are great!

We all have things that turn us on and that we like to do to other people, or have done to us. So, this means that fantasies are something that definitely are okay to have and even better to do.

It is okay to say no

One important thing that didn’t seem to be taught back in the day, but appears to becoming more commonplace in modern sex education is the ability to say no when sex isn’t on your mind. Being able to say no is something that is everyone’s right whether they are a man or a woman. Therefore, this is something that is really important to teach.

Sex is always about learning and exploring, so, the truth is, your sex education is never over! So, why not learn a little more about sex toys and other additions that you can make to your sex life and see if they work for you?

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