What are male chastity devices?

male chastity

Sex is great, however, one of the best parts of sex can be the actual idea and anticipation of it. The build-up, the foreplay, the touching, the kissing and the teasing too.

When you consider all these feelings it makes sense that the idea of a male chastity device is something that could bring a special touch to your sex life. They might look a little on the scary side, but we can promise you that they are actually a great addition to your bedroom.

What are the different types of male chastity device?

The most common types of chastity devices for men are cages. These are usually made from metal, but could also be made from a soft silicone material and are placed over the shaft of your penis. The cage is then locked shut using a key or locking pins. Keeping your penis contained.

The idea of these devices is that you will wear it for a certain period of time, during which your partner or someone that you trust, will hold onto the key. It is only them who can unlock the device and they will decide when you are going to be able to be released.

Why use a male chastity device?

The idea of putting a cage or a restraint on your penis may sound scary, but if you feel that you are ready to explore the idea of male chastity devices, then we can promise you that you will be opening a whole world of benefits.

The main one is the pleasure that can come from knowing that you have surrendered your pleasure to someone else. You will be at their mercy, you will be depending on them and this can feel pretty amazing.

Not only this but the sheer anticipation of what is going to happen once that cage comes off, well that can feel amazing too. Anticipation is one of the best things about sex, this is why foreplay is such an important part of it all. So, depending on how long that you keep the cage on, you are going to have plenty of time to think about all the amazing pleasures that are coming your way.

The most important thing when it comes to using a male chastity device is making sure that you stay safe and that you feel as comfortable as possible. Of course, wearing one of these devices is supposed to be restraining, however, if you are in pain or you feel that it is too tight, then you need to re-think which device you use.

Fancy trying out a male chastity device for yourself? Why not take a look at the amazing range that we have in stock? We can promise you that you won’t only be safe, but that you will feel all of the pleasure that can come with these amazing sex toys.

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