There Really Is No Shame In Sex And Here Is Why

There really is no shame in sex and here is why feat

Whether we want to believe it or not, sex is something that we all do. Every single one of us! Despite this, it seems that the very idea of wanting to have sex with someone, or enjoying it when we do, is somewhat shameful.

Why is this? Why is there a feeling of shame attached to something that we all do and is entirely natural?

To be honest, we really don’t know why this happens and to help those who may be feeling ashamed of the way that they approach to sex; here is why there really shouldn’t be any shame!

Everyone does it

We might not want to think about our neighbours, friends or work colleagues getting down and dirty; but the truth is, they do! Everyone, absolutely everyone has sex at some point in their lives. It might not be regular; it might not be the same kind of sex that you have. But they do have it. When you remember that you are not alone and that everyone else is doing it, then you don’t need to worry about feeling ashamed of it anymore.

There is no shame in feeling pleasure

One of the main reasons that people seem to feel shame about sex is that it gives them pleasure. After all, we shouldn’t focus on our own pleasure. But the truth is, we should. We are the people who are in charge of our own pleasure and if we don’t feel pleasure, then sex really loses a large part of the appeal.

We don’t feel shame when we watch a movie that we love, or lose ourselves in a good book, so, why should we when it comes to other forms of pleasure?

Sex isn’t always pretty

Another reason that shame seems to go hand in hand with sex is that it isn’t exactly the most attractive of things in the world. We worry about how our body looks, how our body feels and of course, what kind of faces that we are going to pull. But the truth is that we really need to remember is that sex is not pretty. Not only this, but there is a good chance that your partner really isn’t going to care too much about how you look and instead will be more focused on just having a good time.

We know why people seem to think that there should be an element of shame attached to sex; especially if you are someone who wants to use sex toys during sex. However, the thing that you should always keep in mind is that there shouldn’t be. Be proud of the fact that you enjoy giving and receiving pleasure. Don’t be concerned about how you look. Simply lose yourself in the moment.

Let go of all that shame and focus on the positives of sex. Especially on how amazing it feels and how it is the best thing that you can share with someone that you care about.

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