The Top Sex Positions For Women Loving Women!

The Top Sex Positions For Women Loving Women!

It doesn’t matter what sexuality you identify as, in the most part, you are going to want to have sex with someone at some point. This could be someone of the opposite sex or it could be someone of the same sex. No matter who it is, if you can find some amazing sex positions that will help you both to feel amazing, well that is just the best news ever!

To celebrate WLW or women loving women relationships, we have decided to dedicate this particular blog post to those positions that women can really enjoy together. Whether that is with penetrative sex or not. This is The Top Sex Positions For Women Loving Women!


It might be one of the oldest positions in the book, but there is a good reason why missionary is still around and much loved. It is one of those positions that are up close and personal, you are entirely face to face and if you are looking for some slow and sensual love making then it works wonders. Of course, if you are in a WLW relationship and want to try missionary then you may want to invest in a strap on or double ended dildo, as this will take your sex to the next level.


Whilst slow and long-lasting is great, sometimes you just want to have some quick satisfaction without having to worry about all the other bells and whistles. A great approach to try when a quickie calls is fingering. Chances are that you know what your partner wants, and can give it to her, so let your fingers get to work and do the talking.

Butt bumping

If you are usually the partner who does the penetrative work during your love making, then chances are that you get a little tired. So, why not mix things up again and try out butt bumping instead? This is an incredibly intimate approach to penetrative sex and you can really let go and have some fun with this. Essentially you choose a double ended dildo and one partner will insert it into their vagina, before the other one does the same. Not only are you both going to be vying for space on the dildo, but when you do both get deep penetration at a similar time, that is going to feel great.


It wouldn’t be a WLW list without adding in scissoring to the mix. Popular with the ladies, this position is not only pleasurable, but it is hugely versatile too. It works if you are looking for a quick fix, or if you want to enjoy some longer love-making too. In order for this to work, you both need to be comfortable and you need to feel that your clitoris is stimulated by your movements. Once you get the right spot you can grind yourself, and your partner to orgasm.

These are just some of the great ideas for those in a WLW relationship, why not try out some new positions for yourself and see if you can find one that really works for you both and leaves you feeling great. We hope that you have enjoyed this The Top Sex Positions For Women Loving Women post and hopefully it contributes to you next play session.

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