The Guide To Sex Toys For Gay Men

guide to gay sex toys men

Whilst some of the biggest users of sex toys out there has to be women, particularly those who are straight, that doesn’t mean that they are the only people who enjoy sex toys.

In fact, all sorts of people, no matter their gender or sexuality can feel the benefit of having a sex toy or two in their collection. This is especially true for gay men.

But what sex toys out there are designed for gay men and why are they worthwhile buying? Here is our how to guide on everything that you need to know about sex toys for gay men.

Isn’t it all anal?

This is a question quite often asked by gay men when it comes to choosing a sex toy. There is no denying that a large chunk of the sex toys that are bought and used by gay men will focus on anal penetration, but this doesn’t mean they are all that you can buy.

You need to remember that sex toys go so much further than just being about actual penetrative sex and when you keep this in mind you can definitely broaden your horizons.

Keep it simple with a butt plug

One of the most obvious options when it comes to sex toys for gay men, is the butt plug. These are designed to be placed inside your anus and are known to give untold amounts of pleasure. They can be used within couple play, or they can be used for your solo time. One of the most popular types of butt plugs are those that are made of silicone as they have some give and come in a variety of fun colours too. However, an option that some people overlook is a glass butt plug. These butt plugs are rigid so they can feel a little firmer when inserted. They also warm up when placed into your anus and they are even easy to clean too.

Get your hands involved with masturbator toys

Now we know that many men already know how to masturbate and quite successfully too, but that doesn’t mean that a helping hand wouldn’t be welcomed. Masturbator toys come in a number of shapes and sizes, some of which are designed to be used alone and others with a friend. Fleshjacks are probably one of the most commonplace and for good reason. They are effective, fun and easy to use, which are all the things that you are going to want when it comes to making sure that you get the pleasure you are hoping for.

Try out double ended dildos

When you think of double ended dildos then you are likely to think of a woman on woman relationship. Of course, these are the ones who most often use these toys, but they can actually be a welcome addition to a gay couples sex life too. The idea of them is much the same regardless of your gender, they allow for a couple to both be penetrated at the same time, absolutely maximising the pleasure that you both feel and giving you some mind blowing orgasms to boot.

Anything else?

Of course these are the basics when it comes to introducing sex toys into a man loving man sex life. However, there are so many other things to explore that we haven’t even covered. Bondage toys could be the thing that you have looking for, such as blindfolds, handcuffs and maybe even a nipple clamp or two.

If you are both into role play and like to dress up then perhaps taking a look at the men’s lingerie and dress up outfits that are available is a great idea for you?

You don’t have to feel limited when it comes to sex toys for gay men, use your imagination and blow your sex life out of the water.

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