Sexy Bedroom Foods

sexy bedroom foods

Fancy bringing food into the bedroom? Here are some of the most seductive treats to introduce.

We know that food play is a big hit for many people when it comes to their sex life; but, for others there might be the chance that they are put off because they are worried about mess (or even worse, getting it wrong).

Not every food is suitable for the bedroom and there are some that will work better than others. Want to know more? Well here are Sexy Bedroom Foods that you can bring into your bedroom to spice up your love life!

Chocolate Sauce

If you are looking for the ideal introduction to food play, then you cannot get better than chocolate sauce. Super sweet and super sticky, there is no better feeling than being able to lick chocolate sauce off of your partners body. Just remember, this particular food can get messy.


You don’t just have to squeeze honey on your breakfast yogurt or your granola; honey also works in the bedroom too. It is sticky and easy to drizzle on every part of the body, best of all, it feels a little less naughty than chocolate sauce too!

Whipped Cream

When you think of whipped cream you are likely to think of a topping for your ice cream sundae, but it could also be the topping for your body too. Best of all, it is safe to use all over the body and it is pretty tasty to lick off too. If you really want to top it off perfectly, then you could also add a cherry on the top too!


Food play in the movies will often involve strawberries, and for good reason. Strawberries are the symbol of Venus, who is the goddess of love. The best thing about strawberries is that they are really easy to feed to one another (beside the fact that they taste amazing) which can feel pretty arousing. Not only this, but it also feels intimate too.


Back in Ancient Greece, they thought of grapes as a symbol of romance and fertility, which is why they were often used in their parties and get togethers. Grapes are perfect to seductively feed to one another and when you think that they are responsible for making wine that makes them even sexier too.


Not everyone is into sweet stuff, so, if you prefer savoury food, then you will be glad to know that this can work in the bedroom just as well. Spaghetti is one of those foods that can really work well, not only is it great fun to play around with, but if you want to recreate an iconic Disney moment, then you could also bring a touch of Lady and the Tramp into it too.

Ice Cubes

There is nothing quite like having a cold sensation on your body, so, it makes sense that ice cubes are a definite must when it comes to your sex life. There is something hugely erotic about not only having them used on you, but also being the one to move the cube around, so definitely don’t underestimate how good they can be.

As you can see, there are plenty of Sexy Bedroom Foods that can really work wonders in the bedroom. Think about what appeals to you the most and what is going to work best for you and your partner and then grab it out of the fridge. What are you waiting for?

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