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Here at SWEETHARD, we are proud to have one of the biggest selection of bullet vibrators in the UK. We bring you high-quality products at some of the most competitive prices in the market. This range of Vibrating Bullet Sex Toys and Bullet Vibrators are smaller than a normal Vibe but do not underestimate their power. These Little Vibrators have vibrations that are strong enough to give you the powerful orgasms you love. Easily transport these bullet sex toys in your bag and have discreet pleasure when you are on the go!

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What is a bullet vibrator

A bullet vibrator is smaller than a regular vibrator. They are small enough to be transported in a handbag or purse. The name “bullet” comes from its shape, as it resembles a large bullet. This type of vibe comes in a few different materials, from metal to plastic. You can find these vibes with a wireless remote to allow you to enjoy hands-free pleasure. They can be used by men, women and couples. Women often find that applying one of these toys directly on to the clitoris can help with reaching orgasm much quicker than penetration alone.

Benefits of bullet vibrators

Some people are put off these vibes, simply because they are too small. If it is penetration you are looking for then these are not ideal (unless it is your first vibrator). These vibrating bullets are perfect for clitoral stimulation for foreplay, during sex or some solo masturbation. Just because they are small in size does not mean that they are not strong. The vibrations given off by these handsome little devices are very strong. Some women claim that these vibes are the perfect go-to toy when they are in need of some “relief”. You can take them anywhere without you discreetly as they are small enough to fit right inside your handbag, purse or even in your pocket.

What’s the difference?

There are loads of different styles of bullet vibe available so not every one of them is the same. Some bullets look just like the ordinary vibrator but others have their own unique shapes, materials and/or features. There is no point in saying which one is the best because what is good for one person might not be as good for the next, it is all down to personal preference. You can find these vibes with rabbit ears, a remote control, 100% organic or one that is shaped like a lipstick so absolutely no one will know.

Taking care of your bullet vibe

There is nothing worse than getting all worked up, getting nice and comfortable, getting out your bullet only to discover that it has stopped working, and to make things worse, it could have been prevented. If only you had looked after it properly.

Lubricant – The type of lube that you should be using all comes down to two things, the material of your vibrating bullet sex toy and your preference. The material of your bullet is very important in choosing a lube.

  • Silicone Lube – This type of lube cannot be used with certain materials. Using a silicone lube on the materials silicone-based, skin-safe rubber or TPE/TPR can cause a reaction in the materials and ruin your vibrator.
  • Water-Based Lubricant – Water-based lube is probably one of the best lubricant to use with your vibe. It is safe with any kind of material and is safe on any kind of skin. It might not stay wet for as long as silicone lube, but at least you know you and your toy are safe with it.

Cleaning – Cleaning your toys is a must. We recommend cleaning before and after every use to ensure your play is hygienic as possible. Using an unclean toy can result in infection. DO NOT submerge your toy underwater unless it is registered waterproof, doing so will cause it to stop working and could result in electric shock. Use warm water and soap to wash it thoroughly, using a toy cleaner gives the best results, and make sure it is dry before using or storing.

Storing – Storing your vibrating bullet should be done with care. Make sure it is completely dry before you put it away to stop any mould or mildew from building up on it, this is especially with silicone-based toys! Try and not allow any toys to be stored in direct contact with other toys, doing so could cause discolouration, deformity or abnormality in reaction to different materials. We recommend using a satin or velvet bag for each of your toys and that way you know it will be safe all tucked away ready for its next use.


These little vibrators may be small but they pack a big punch. They come in very handy for taking on long trips or vacation due to their small compact size. You can use them for penetration if it is your first vibrator otherwise they are perfect for clitoral stimulation, or anywhere you like to feel the intense buzz of the vibrations. You can read our Bullet Vibes Guide to help you with the selection process. If you have any questions or require more information then please do not hesitate to ask. We are always ready to help when we can.