One of the most common sex toys around. Vibrators come in many different shapes and sizes. From small ones to the giant ones, ones that have ears and ones you control with a remote. With our different selections of Vibrator, you can enjoy whatever you find most appealing to use during solo play or with a partner. For couples, we have a selection of strap ons that yous both could benefit from. Buy the best cheap vibrators today, we can almost guarantee that you’re sure to find one that pleases you in all the right ways. Some of our cheap vibrators start from under £5 giving you a better selection at some of the most affordable prices around. Who said pleasure doesn’t come cheap?

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This includes Rabbits, Wands, Classic, fun and even some large vibrators that are not for the faint-hearted. Finding the right one can be quite daunting. That’s why we have taken the time to separate all your best vibrators into categories, so you can easily find what you are looking for!

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What is a vibrator

Vibrators are probably the most common sex toy around, almost everyone knows what one is. A study done back in 2017 showed that 48% of brits own one sort of sex toy or another, with a 3rd saying that the vibrator is their preferred choice. They have been around for quite a long time, being introduced in France, 1734. First created to treat hysteria amongst females at that time, and now evolved into the much-loved vibrator we all know today. It is rumoured that Cleopatra herself owned her very own vibe made with buzzing bees, but we think that is just rumours.

How does a vibrator work

We know that there are many women all across the world that enjoy using their vibe but how many actually know how these spectacular little gadgets work? The vibrator uses a motor to create its vibrations, a motor that is not perfect. Unlike other types of motor, the one in a vibe is purposely imbalanced to create that thrilling buzz. The designers attach a small weight to the motor which causes it to vibrate, rather than run smoothly. The speed of the motor, weight-size, and weight-position all combine to determine the kind of vibration your sex toy provides.

Taking care of your vibrator

We think that taking care of your vibrator is a must. To make it last as long as possible there are some guidelines to help with the process.

  • Keep It Clean – The first step is to keep your toy as fresh as possible, use toy cleaners before and after every use to ensure you have the safest playtime as possible.
  • Use Refresh Powder – After you are finished with your vibe and have cleaned it properly, add some refresh powder to it. This powder will help maintain your vibes freshness and will help to stop the materials from becoming old and worn.
  • Using Lubricant – We all know that adding a bit of lube to your sex toy before play can have some amazing results but you do need to be careful of the type of lubricant you are using, for example, if you are using a silicone vibrator then Do Not use silicone lube. This will cause a reaction in the material and can permanently damage your vibrator. If you want to know more about what lubes you should be using then check out our choosing lube that is right for your needs article.
  • Storing – There is a lot of people that when they are finished with their vibe, they chuck it into a box and throw it under the bed. If you want to enhance the lifespan of your vibe then some extra care should be taken. For instance, if you are just throwing your vibe around it may get damaged, the outside may get chipped or broken and all the inside components may become loose and stop working, turning your much-loved vibrator into a quite expensive ornament. So we recommend taking some extra care when storing your toy to ensure it stands the test of time.
  • Conclusion – Keep your toy fresh and hygienic, be careful when storing it and you should have many years of fun ahead with your new friend. As the saying goes, take care of your toys and your toys will take care of you.

Different types of vibes

Over the years, vibrators have become very popular. With more and more women using them as their preferred sex toy, there has been a massive industry built on designing new ones that cause even greater sensations when used. Here are a few of them:

  • Rabbit Vibrators – Starting with one of the best vibes around, the rabbit vibrator. These vibes became famous back in 1998 when it made its debut on the show sex and the city. It is a dual-action vibrator, meaning that it stimulates the clitoris during penetration.
  • Bullet Vibrators – Bullet vibes are smaller than the average vibe, which means they are perfect for taking with you on trips. Due to the overall size of these vibes, penetration with them is not ideal but most are designed with a very powerful motor to stimulate you with their vibrations.
  • Wands – Ah the wand, a true masterpiece when it comes to vibrators. These vibes are the most powerful of all vibrators. Firstly designed as a muscle massager, then with the power of imagination, it quickly turned into one of the best sex toys for women on the planet. A standard wand vibe comes with a plug to be inserted into a socket and is powered by mains power, however, you can get battery operated wands but the mains powered wands are more powerful.
  • Clitoral Suction Vibrators – These kind of vibes really are an incredible invention. Small handheld devices that will suck on your clit until climax, what could be better?
  • G Spot Vibrators – G Spot vibes are designed to put pressure on a woman’s G-Spot when used. Most of these vibes have a curved tip to reach that sweet spot and give the user an ultimate experience. Like most vibes on the market, you can control how intense the vibrations are and set it to different speeds to get the most customisable pleasure.
  • Classic Vibrators – This selection of vibes is the most common ones, in fact when you think of a vibe that has a sleek design and has no extra features then that is what classic vibes are. An old design but still effective.
  • Remote Control Vibrators – Remote vibes are perfect, but not required for, long-distance relationships. Imagine being halfway across the world and still be able to control your partners’ pleasure. That is what these vibes offer. With a lot of them being controlled via smartphones now, they really are a thing of the future. These vibes also come with or without a wire to suit your own preference.
  • Finger Fun – Our selection of finger fun vibrators allows you to please your partner with vibrations straight from your fingertips. Many of these vibes come as a glove that you wear, giving the user a magic touch. Sensations can be had just by stroking your partner’s body when using these products and climax can be achieved when touching their more intimate parts.

There are many other types of vibrators available to select from, why not have a browse and discover more of the best vibrators online in the Uk.