Sex Toy Cleaners

Sex Toy Cleaners are absolutely essential for having the safest play you can. We recommend keeping your toys as clean as possible to reduce the risk of infection. Cleaning sex toys is a breeze and keeping your toys nice and clean reduces the risk of bacteria build-up that can potentially harm your body. Most toys are porous which means bacteria can build up not just on the surface but in between the little places you cannot see with the human eye. It is always better to clean your toy before and after every use than risking a potential infection. Our sex toy cleaners come in a variety of different types like sprays and wipes. Take a look at our sex toy care guide to find out more about looking after your toy. We also have a selection of refresh powders available. These powders are ideal for keeping your toy in the best condition you can. They are perfect for male masturbators. Practice cleaning sex toys before and after every use to ensure you have the safest play.

Our Sex Toy Cleaners are used on a variety of toys. From Dildos and Vibrators to toys for him, these cleaners & powders will clean and help maintain the lifespan of your favourite toys.

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