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Whether you are new to everything these toys have to offer or you are an experienced player, we’re sure to have some anal sex toys that suit your needs. These toys are perfect to use as part of your solo time or introduced to a partner for a night of anal fun. The anus has millions of nerve endings and when stimulated they can give the player some serious pleasure! At SWEETHARD®, we have quite a selection of anal sex toys for you to choose, from the smaller ones that are perfect for beginners to the huge anal toys that are for the more experienced players.

If you are having some difficulty in choosing your new friend for your anal adventures, or if you just need some help on what to choose, or just need more information then take a look at our anal toys types guide. This guide will supply you with the information you need to start your ventures into this wonderful world of anal play. If you are a gay male looking for something to spice up your playtime then head over to our gay sex toys category for our full selection.

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Why use anal sex toys

The anus has millions of nerve endings meaning that this part of the body, when touched, gives a lot of pleasure. Just tickling the anus is enough to get someone aroused, especially men. There are a lot of men that see anal as a sort of taboo so don’t venture there in case of ridicule, although, there are many benefits to it. A mans prostate gland, when massaged correctly, can induce one of the most intense orgasms they can experience.

How to do it right

When engaging in anal sex or using an anal toy you should always keep safe and take all the necessary precautions. Here is a step by step to the process of anal:

  • Hygiene – Get clean! Go for a bath or shower beforehand to ensure you are nice and clean for it. Use an anal douche to clear away any impurities from the anus. This will ensure you are as clean as possible for the session ahead.
  • Lubricant – Choosing the right lubricant for the job is absolutely essential when it comes to anal sex. The anus does not self lubricate, meaning that if you try it without lube then it is almost guaranteed to hurt and be uncomfortable. We suggest choosing anal lube. This type of lubricant is thicker than the normal lubes and will stay wetter for longer, meaning it won’t dry in too quickly and get uncomfortable.
  • De-sensitise – Try applying some de-sensitising cream to the anus beforehand. This will certainly help with any discomfort you may feel during insertion. Be careful though, not feeling any discomfort can be a little risky. Getting overconfident because there is no feeling is a thing and you could end up damaging the anus so take it slow and easy.
  • Insertion – Inserting something large straight into the rectum is not going to feel good. Start small and work your way up, the anus is a sphincter and will adjust to the size. We suggest using an anal dilator kit. Using these will gradually expand your anus to a more comfortable size. If a dilator kit isn’t an option then start with the smallest finger and work your way up.
  • Relax – If you are receiving anal then just relax. I know this is easier said than done but you need to relax your body. Feeling tense will tighten your anus and make insertion very uncomfortable for you, this could lead to injury for you or your partner.

So there you have it, hopefully, after reading these steps you are now confident enough to try anal and enjoy the benefits you can receive from doing so. Have a read at our anal play can be great post for more info.


When trying anal sex or using anal sex toys safety should always be your number one concern. Here are some Dos and Don’ts for anal play:

  • Do not force your way into anal, by this I mean don’t just stick something large straight in as this could lead to injury and permanent damage to the anus.
  • Do gradually work up to it, inserting something smaller to start with. This will give the anus time to adjust to the required size, so take your time with it, it’s not a race.
  • Do not jump straight in without washing. Clean beforehand. The last thing anyone wants is to take their first steps into anal play to be confronted with any impurities that may be lurking around the anus. This can be pretty off-putting for the person giving the anal and will certainly be embarrassing for the person receiving the anal.
  • Do use an anal douche to clean away any impurities that may be hiding on the inside of the anus. Using a douche will make it a lot more hygienic and reduce the risk of getting any sort of infection.
  • Do try some de-sensitising creams or sprays, these really do help with the insertion of any toys, especially if you are nervous, to begin with.
  • Do not getting overconfident if you do try de-sensitising creams or sprays. Taking away the feeling in the anus can lead to you forcing something larger into the rectum and this could lead to some permanent injuries and infection fro those injuries, so always play it safe and make sure your sphincter has fully dilated before inserting something too large.

What toys are available

With more and more people starting to enjoy the benefits of anal sex, the rise of popularity in the anal sex toys selection is staggering. Here are a few types of anal sex toys to take into consideration for your next anal playtime:

  • Douche – Firstly I will start with the douche. This handy little device is overlooked a lot, but the benefits of these little devices are quite amazing. They are pretty cheap to buy and are almost essential to any anal play session. They will clear out any impurities from the anus and get you all set for your session.
  • Anal Beads – Beads are an amazing anal sex toy to enhance the intensity and the pleasure from an orgasm. Just insert them into the rectum through the anus before or during intercourse and retrieve them at the point of climax, as slow as you like. Doing so will induce a stronger and more satisfying orgasm.
  • Anal Dildos – An anal dildo can be used by either a woman or a man. In some cases, when done correctly, the woman can experience an orgasm from using an anal dildo. The man can achieve an even greater orgasm by using a dildo to massage the prostate gland. In fact, most of these anal dildos are curved to hit that P-Spot within the male rectum.
  • Beginners Anal Toys – If you are just starting out into anal play then these toys are a must. They are smaller than most toys and help make the playtime be as comfortable as possible. You don’t want to start with something too big and ruin the experience for you, use a dilator kit to help work your way up to it.

So why not follow our steps and try an anal sex toy and discover for yourself just how good it actually could be for you.