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SWEETHARD offer one of the biggest and best selections of adult toys online in the UK. All of the toys and lingerie in our online sex shop are supplied from some of the best manufacturers around and are made from the highest-grade materials, even some of our cheap sex toys are of good quality.

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Our top 10 Adult toys

We have put together these top 10 lists for men, women and couples to help to choose your new erotic toy that little bit easier.

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Vibrators are one of the most common types of toy that have been used by millions of women (and men) around the world for decades. These days they come in many shapes, sizes, lengths and widths, from the basic single speed with one turn that is simple and easy to use to the more luxurious vibes on the market that come with various settings and vibration patterns. This allows you to choose the patterns you prefer and give you the most enjoyable experience preferred by you and what makes them one of the best sex toys for women.

Dildos are another one of the most common sex toy that is available today. It is estimated that almost half of the population of women in Britain own one, and for good reason. These popular toys come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and textures, from large dildos that should only be used by the more experienced users, animal, fantasy & fun dildos that come in many weird and wonderful shapes and of course the ultra-realistic ones that replicate the male anatomy for that ultimate feeling of realism.

More sex toys for women

More of our sex toys for women include Ben Wa Balls, these balls are inserted into the vagina and give extreme pleasures from the rolling around and vibrations. Many women have reported that this sensation has been enough to bring them to climax! Kegel balls are also a great way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, who would have thought that exercising could be this fun.

Of course, not all sex toys are for women, sex toys for men have grown very popular in recent years and come in a whole variety of different options to choose from.

Toys For Men

Male prostate toys are able to give some of the most intense orgasms a man can achieve. They work by stimulating the male prostate gland that is located in the male rectum by using a gentle stroking motion or vibrations. This is commonly known as “milking the prostate”. Many men across the globe that have partaken in this process have been extremely happy with the results.

Cock Rings are an amazing addition to any playtime as they have the ability to give a man a harder erection and can aid in men with erectile problems. Many of these rings come with added vibrations that when used during intercourse they stimulate the women’s clitoris and make it even more pleasurable.

The popularity in male masturbators and strokers has grown vastly in the last few years, and with good reason, not only do they feel amazing, they can help with you love life like giving you the ability to last longer in bed. To this day there are many different types available that all come with their own unique textures and materials. The most popular one available is the Fleshlight, the number 1 selling male sex toy in the world. Made with a patented Superskin material it is the most realistic masturbator available today. Strokers are the ideal addition to any man’s solo masturbation game, with all the different styles and textures available it’s like having a new sensation each and every time you use one!

Some of these masturbators come with an automatic option that will stroke or vibrate all on its own to give you an even better sensation.


Couples also have the option to introduce sex toys into their lives with the vast selection of couples sex toys available today. Strap Ons are a great way to introduce pegging into your relationship. You can read all the benefits of pegging in our guide to pegging.

Our choice of rings and sleeves for couples are a great way to throw some different sensation into the mix with your lovemaking. Most of these sleeves give the user the ability to add more length, girth or both.

Dolls & Machines

There are even more categories within our sex shop to browse through, including sex machines and sex dolls. Machines are quite the toy when it comes to your solo play, simply set the machine up to where you want it to “take you”, then simply lie back (or whatever position you feel most comfortable in), take control of the remote and enjoy. Some people even like to use these machines on their partners. There is something quite special about having your partner squealing in pleasure with you in control. Dolls come in all different sizes and is probably the best go-to toy for single people. These dolls could help improve your love life by giving you some extra training for when it’s your time to shine. They have even been known to play a part in some threesomes, without the hassle of another human being getting involved!


Keeping your adult toys clean should be practised before and after every use of your sex toys. This is very important for your sexual health and sex toy safety. Cleaning your adult toys will avoid the potential of bacterial infection. Take extra care when cleaning your porous toys, as these can be quite difficult to clean and can hide bacteria that will multiply and harm the human body. When cleaning sex toys, always use warm water and anti-bacterial soap. We recommend looking at our choice of toy cleaners for best results.

Sex Essentials

Sex Essentials are an ideal way to spice up any sort of play you have. Essentials for her includes products that will help with your oral sex game, de-sensitising creams and sprays for trying anal intercourse and even personal shavers for grooming before that big date! It doesn’t stop there though, within our essentials for him category we have a whole range of products that can help premature ejaculation, or if you just want to go for longer. You will also find creams to give you a harder erection and creams that will temporarily increase the girth of the penis. Essentials for them has everything you need to add some romance to your special night in, including massage oils and edible candles. Don’t forget the lubricants too, we have a huge selection for you to choose from.


Adult toys have been around for a very long time. In fact, did you know that during excavations of ancient civilisations it has been proven that dildos have been around for nearly as long as humans have? You can read more about this on our A Brief History of Sex Toys Blog Post.