Say hello to crotch-less knickers and spice up your sex life

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Lingerie is a great addition to anyone’s sex life, but it can be hard to know exactly what type of pieces you want to rock. We know that crotchless knickers are not for everyone, but we think that they should definitely be for some of us.

Thinking about crotchless knickers but need that extra push towards actually buying them for yourself? Well, here are four reasons that you should be saying hello to crotchless knickers.

They are definitely a turn-on

One of the biggest parts of dressing up is the thought that you are dressing up and what you are wearing underneath those clothes. This is one of the reasons why crotchless knickers are such a great idea. Even if your partner doesn’t know that you are wearing them, then just the knowledge that you are doing something so naughty, well that is enough to turn you on and get you in the mood.

It stops things being boring

The worst thing that can happen in your sex life is that things get a little boring. So, if you want to find a good way to spice things up, then you can’t go far wrong with some new lingerie. Whilst standard lingerie can be sexy, there is something hugely arousing about wearing something more risqué, such as crotchless knickers, so, why not embrace them?

They make alfresco sex even easier

Are you the type of person who likes to get loose and free whilst out and about (law-abiding of course)? If you are, then you are going to want to make things that little bit easier for yourself and for your partner too of course. Crotchless knickers are the ideal solution to this, you can still wear underwear (as such) but there is an easy access point to them, which means that you can be ready to go, wherever you are.

Team them with stockings for an extra sexy look

Lingerie looks best when it is teamed with other sexy items. So, why not embrace a full-on sexy look by adding stockings and suspenders to your crotchless knickers? Not only do they work perfectly together? But when you add in stockings you are also adding an extra element of sexiness to the entire outfit too and we are sure that this is going to drive your partner wild.

Rather than seeing crotchless knickers as cheap and tasteless, you should see them as they are. Naughty, fun and a definitely on the sexy side. Embrace your inner flirt and make sure that you add some crotchless fun to your lingerie drawer, we can promise you that you won’t look back.

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