Our reasons why doing it in the dark isn’t always the best

doing it in the dark

When you think about having sex, chances are that you are going to picture heading up to bed at night-time, switching off the light and getting to it under the covers. Sure, this should still lead to some pretty epic sex, but so many of us seem to disregard the fact that sex with the lights on can be even better.

So, to help inspire you to keep the lights on during sex, we have put together the reasons why doing it in the dark isn’t always the best!

You are missing out on afternoon sex sessions

If you are only getting down and dirty at night-time then you are missing out on the raunchfest that is afternoon sex. Sex during the daylight hours is not only great because you don’t feel quite as tired and worn out from the day, but if you do it in the morning before you go your separate ways, then you are sure to have a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

You get to see their face

Of course not everyone has the very best O-face, but regardless of whether or not your partner looks somewhat like a hamster as they reach their climax, it is still great to watch. When you have sex with the lights on, you get to see every single reaction that your other half will have during your sex session. You will know that they are enjoying themselves, which is going to make you feel pretty good. You also get to show your partner that you are rather enjoying yourself too.

As well as the rest of them

Not only can you see your partners face, but when you are enjoying some afternoon delight, you can also see so much more of them too. You get to enjoy every inch of them, which we all love. You can also see what you are doing too, which is helpful if you are keen to use some sex toys or simply so that you can get around their body a bit easier.

It boosts your confidence

For many people the idea of getting naked in the daytime in front of their partner, is, well terrifying and we think this is a real shame. Your partner loves you for who you are, and we mean every single inch of you. So, you should feel comfortable showing it off. Sometimes we rely on night-time in the dark sex as a way to cover over our own insecurities. So, by having sex in the day-time we are throwing down the gauntlet and telling our insecurities that we are in charge and we look damn fine doing it too!

You might even like showing off

One thing that surprises many people about lights on sex is just how it makes them feel. Seeing your partners reaction to how you look or what you are doing to them, well that is always going to feel amazing. You may even find (especially once you get over that initial fear) that you rather like showing off your body.

Sex with the light on is pretty epic and if you haven’t tried it yet then you need to go out there, draw back those curtains and make sure that you shine some light on the best sex of your life!

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