Not sure you know your way around your own vagina? You are not alone!

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It is a common misconception that it is only men who don’t know their way around the female vagina, but a recent study by YouGov might have found that this isn’t actually the case. In fact, it is thought that as many as half of Brits who participated in the survey couldn’t actually identify or describe the vagina as a whole: and it wasn’t just men who seemed to be confused.

In fact, when it came to gender 59% of men that were asked could not label the vagina and 45% of women. Which, when you consider how important a part of the body this is when it comes to sex, this is rather surprising.

What about the clitoris?

It is often the case that men are labelled as being unable to even know where the clitoris is on a women’s body. However, another interesting part of the survey that was carried out found that the most easily labelled and identified part of female genitalia was actually the clitoris. As many as 71% of women and 69% of men were able to pinpoint this part on the diagram. Breaking all those stereotypes and misconceptions that no-one really knows where it lives.

What was the hardest to identify?

Whilst the clitoris seemed to be easier than you imagine to seek out, the hardest part was the urethra. This tiny hole that resides underneath the clitoris and above the vagina is where the urine comes out when a woman heads to the toilet. Despite having an all-important function, only 45% of women and 39% of men could actually label it.

Not far behind this was the vagina, with 55% of women and 41% of men knowing where it is and then the labia, which is the outer lips of the vagina, which was picked out by 57% of women and 48% of men.

So, what does this mean?

You might be wondering exactly where we are going with these statistics. Well, the first thing that they mean is that the men in our lives might not be quite as awful at working their way around the female genitals as you may think.

Not only this, but that we all need to make more of an effort to learn more about our bodies (and the bodies of our partners too). It should never be a case of simply rooting around down there and hoping for the best, instead you need to make sure that you take charge of knowing what is where, as well as how it feels when it is touched.

If we don’t know our own bodies, how can we ever expect our partners to know our ways around it? So, rather than moaning that the man in our lives simply doesn’t understand how we are put together, make sure that you learn yourself so that you can show them the way.

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