Keep The Fire Burning in a Long Term Relationship

Keep The Fire Burning in a Long Term Relationship

There is nothing quite like being able to have sex with someone that we love and care about. It will make us feel special, and, best of all, they are usually going to know exactly what we want and be able to give it to us!

The only trouble with having sex with the same person over the course of a few years is that you can get into a routine and be lazy with it. Especially when it comes to actually getting down to business with your partner.

You climb into bed; you take off your clothes and then bang! You are…well…banging away! So, what can you do to get out of the rut that you have found yourself in? How do you stop the boring sex cycle in its tracks and how do you keep the fire burning in a long term relationship?

Explore sexting

You often think that sexting is something that couples who live apart or who spend large amounts of time apart will only do. But the truth is, every single couple out there can benefit from a spot of sexting. Sexting removes some of the embarrassment that can come with suggesting sex with your partner off the cuff and it also allows you to share some of your biggest fantasies with them too. Which is something that we can’t always do face to face.

Treat them to a pamper session

We all have stressful lives and stress is one of the main contributing factors to a lack of sex within a couple. This means that one great way to get you both in the mood (and feel intimate with one another) is to treat your partner to a pamper session. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be heading off to a spa, simply that you should organise a bit of a pamper at home. Treat them to a nice long bath, maybe even ferrying nibbles and drinks to them as they relax. You could also give them a lovely massage too. Which will help them to relax and feel amazing inside and out.

Dress up for them

Sometimes you just need to take the lead when it comes to initiating sex with your partner. So, we think that a great idea is to try and dress up for them. Wear something that you feel sexy in (as well as something you think that you are going to enjoy) and then show it off to them. Not only is this going to make sure that you have a bit of a confidence boost, which we could all do with, but it is also going to be an unexpected treat for your partner too.

Introduce a toy

For many couples, the introduction of a sex toy to their relationship has helped bring back some sparkle and excitement. Using a sex toy with a partner can make you feel kind of naughty, which can make your lovemaking a lot more fun. Although, there are many different toys now available for couples so choosing one is all down to preference. You can find plenty of sites that have categories dedicated towards couples so finding the right toy or product that you both like should be easy enough.

Date night

Treating yourselves to a date night can really help put that sparkle back into your relationship. We know that life can get hectic at times and work can be stressful, everyday life can put quite a lot of strain on a relationship, so getting out at least once a month with your partner to unwind and have some fun with them could help you both stay connected with each other. When you go out on a date night with just you and your partner it really gives you both time to talk about things and rekindle that love that you both feel for one another. Also, feeling loved is a big turn on for most people.


Ok, hear us out, when we say role-playing, we are not talking about dressing up like an animal for your partner to take you a walk, unless that is your thing, then go for it, why not. What we have in mind is you could simply go to a bar with your partner, pretend you don’t know each another and act as if you both have just met. Picture this, your standing at the bar, your partner approaches you, (remember neither of you know one another) he introduces himself, gives you a nice compliment and offers to buy you a drink. You both hit it off and spend the night flirting and getting to know each other all over again, you both have a lot of fun and take things from there. If acted out properly, this kind of roleplaying will give you the excitement of meeting someone again for the first time and could even help you both have a better connection to each other and fall in love all over again.

Sex within a long-term relationship is great, but it can get a little on the same side if you are not careful. So, make sure that you think about how you can make things better for you both and take a slightly different approach to sex; or at the very least how you kick things off between you both.

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