How Your Menstrual Cycle Can Affect Your Sex Life

How Your Menstrual Cycle Can Affect Your Sex Life

When it comes to periods and your sex life, one of the most obvious things is that sex whilst you are menstruating can be incredibly messy and some may think a little off-putting. What you might not realise is that, not only is it this part of the cycle that can have an impact on your sex life, but the cycle as a whole.

How is this? What does the different points in your menstrual cycle mean for your sex life?

Week one

Your menstrual cycle starts when your period does, so this means that day one of your menstrual cycle is also day one of your period. Sex during the menstrual cycle is completely personal, some find that during their period the last thing that they are likely to want to think about is having sex or using a sex toy; others really enjoy it and actively plan to have sex during this time. The truth is that during this time women become much more sensitive in this area, their hormones spike making them feel more frisky and to put it bluntly, we’re warmer and more lubricated during this week. It is also a fact that sex or vibrators can actually help with those pesky period pains. Not only do the vibrations or massaging feel great, but they also stimulate blood flow and oxygen to your genitals. Both of which will help to ease your cramps and ensure that you feel better in no time at all. Just remember to put a towel or old sheet down and clean up afterwards.

Week two

At the beginning of week two you are likely to feel that your energy is starting to rise, especially as your period stops. During the later part of the week your sex hormones, such as oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone, really start to kick in. This will tell your body that it is time to have a baby, but of course, this might not be for everyone. Just because you are not keen on the idea of having a baby, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy those feelings. Week two means that your skin will be glowing, your sex drive will be high and your pelvic floor will be stronger, which will give you a better orgasm. All things that mean that week two is the ideal time to get into the bedroom with your partner.

Week three

After the highs of week two, you are then going to enter the lows of week three. This is post-ovulation time, which means that your sex drive is going to be at its lowest and you will probably feel a bit low too. Progesterone will spike at this time, which is known to be a sedating hormone and oestrogen and testosterone will dip, all of which can lead you to feel down and that the last thing you will want is sex. It is a much better idea to have a cuddle in bed, learn how great it feels to just hold hands together. All of these things will not only make sure that you are still interacting with one another as a couple, but it will also help you to feel happier and more loved too.

Week four

As week four comes around, the time for PMS to kick in arrives, this is when all of your hormones seemingly abandon you and everything is at its lowest ebb. You are going to feel bloated, your boobs may be sore and you will also find that you have a headache or two.  It isn’t all bad news though, for the two/three days before your period starts, you will definitely see your libido grow and you will be in much more in the mood for sex.

So, now you know more about how your cycle affects your sex life, keep this in mind next time your period is due and see how you feel at the different points. A lot of blogs and forums point to men really not caring if you’re on or not, with many enjoying the extra warmth and lubrication, so don’t be afraid to at least have the conversation with your man.

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