Everything You Need To Know About Realistic Sex Toys

Everything You Need To Know About Realistic Sex Toys feat

When it comes to sex toys some people like to have toys that are beautifully designed, designed to not look like anything remotely genital like or realistic. This is where sex toys such as massage wands and rabbits seem to be popular.

That said, there are also plenty of people out there who like the idea of having something more realistic in their collection. Something that they could actually use in their fantasies and perhaps in their role play too.

Many people will think of realistic sex toys as being just dildos, however another type of realistic sex toy come in the form of butts and mouths.

But what are these sex toys and how do you choose one?

What are realistic butt and mouth sex toys?

We think that the name really gives away the nature of these sex toys. The idea of realistic butts and mouths are that they are made to look and feel just like the real thing. They are designed for men to use, either on their own or perhaps as a part of their sex life within a couple.

A butt sex toy looks just like a human anus and can either come as a free standing penetrative toy, or perhaps a pocket version that a man can hold and penetrate as they wish.

A mouth works in much the same way as the butt style, however these often come in a hand-held pocket form as this fits much better in with how it would feel to penetrate a mouth.

The insides of both of these sex toys are crafted to feel just like the real thing and you will usually find that they are fully washable so that you can keep them clean (especially the part that you penetrate of course).

Why might you want to buy one?

The thing about realistic butts and mouths is that they appeal to people much like a realistic dildo or vagina would. They are a fantastic addition to a sex toy collection perhaps for someone who is single, or maybe even for couples who are looking to spice up their sex life.

Far from being a lacklustre alternative, many people who choose to buy a realistic mouth or butt toys can vouch from the fact that they feel great. Of course, nothing can replace being able to have sex with another person, but we can promise you that this is definitely the next best thing.

You can even choose from details such as skin colour and body shape so that you can find something that is 100% going to appeal to your own personal tastes.

How to use these sex toys

Okay, so you have decided that a realistic butt or mouth sex toy is something that you want to try out, but you don’t know where to start.

The thing about these sex toys are that they are really easy to use. The idea is that you penetrate them and we are pretty sure that you know how to do that already! You will need to remember to make sure that you use plenty of lube when you use these toys. This will not only help you to glide in and out easier, but it will make the entire process feel so much better too and in the case of the mouth style of sex toy, it will make it feel more realistic too.

Whether you choose a butt sex toy or a mouth sex toy, you should always remember that there is no shame attached to owning one of these types of toys. They are simply an addition to your sex life and much like women should be allowed to use dildos and vibrators. Men should also be allowed to have their own choice of realistic sex toy too!

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