Anal Play Can Be Great

anal play

One common question that is asked by straight men concerns anal play. Of course, anal toys (in their many shapes and sizes) are a popular sex toy option for all couples to use together, or alone.

So, what is it about anal play that makes it a great idea?

Anal play can feel pretty great

Okay, so the first reason that anal play is great is all down to biology. If you have a penis, as most men do, then you will also have a gland within your body called a prostate. This gland is about the size of a walnut and is there to create and secrete the milky fluid that forms part of semen.

The prostate is located inside the wall of the anus, and, it is said that when it is massaged, be it with a finger or a toy, it can feel pretty great. It can even make you orgasm, without your penis even being looked at, and the orgasm that it brings can be pretty powerful.

Not only does the prostate feel great, but the actual opening to the anus itself is packed full of nerve endings, which, when gently touched or tickled, is often enough to get a man in the mood.

It can be all in the mind too

Whilst the main reasons that anal play is so popular with men is down to physical reasons, there are also some psychological reasons in it too. The very idea of playing with or touching the bottom is something that the mainstream world sees as naughty, as risqué. It is taboo, it is something that you are told you shouldn’t be doing; and in applying this to it, you are already painting a picture of something that is far too tempting to do.

Anal play can feel thrilling, it can feel like something that you shouldn’t be doing as a straight man, which makes it even more exciting. Not only this, but it can also feel like the most intimate thing that two people can share, which means that couples who enjoy anal play can actually feel closer.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why a man may enjoy anal play. You should never, ever feel ashamed if this is something that you enjoy. So long as your partner is game, then anal play could be the exact thing that you need to spice up your sex life.

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